Project Goals

VegAssist aims to provide a positive vegan support and advice network, by connecting new or curious potential vegans with a following of experienced vegans, using social media. We want everyone who is retweeted by VegAssist to be glad that they were.

Twitter Implementation

VegAssist's Twitter implementation is an automated bot with the user handle @VegAssist The VegAssist Twitter bot retweets people who express an interest in becoming vegan. VegAssist's Twitter followers will see these tweets appear in their timelines, and are invited to reply to offer support, encouragement and tips.

How to Participate

Participation is simple!

Engagement Guidelines

Everyone's experience going vegan is different, and so everyone will have a slightly different approach to how they advocate for veganism. This is great! A diversity of opinions and approaches is key to an effective movement. With the VegAssist project, all we ask is that our followers engage with kindness and empathy for the people we retweet. We offer the following tips to help give you idea of what we mean:

Harassment Policy

As stated in the Project Goals, we want to make sure that everyone who is retweeted by VegAssist was glad that they were. If our users harass or otherwise disregard the feelings of someone we retweet, then this goal has failed; this person will likely be unhappy that they were retweeted by VegAssist. Worse, they may believe that VegAssist bot targetted them specifically to direct that kind of attention their way. We do not want people to think being retweeted by VegAssist bot will lead to any unwanted harassment. Sometimes conversations that start with the best intentions can go south, and constructive advocacy can fall apart. At this point, our advice is to disengage.
If we find a particular user persistently harasses or insults others who are retweeted by VegAssist, we may block this user from following VegAssist. It is important to us that VegAssist remains a tool for supportive and positive advocacy, and that people retweeted do not feel harassed by our followers.